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Hello, I'm Tent!

Hey, as most of you will know me, as Tent from oldCP. I decided to join this community for fun as Lloyd refered me to it, I hope to have fun here, and can't wait for the LeoRPG servers. I'll also try post some of my programming projects on to here, so that'll be cool, cya all!

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The Skull

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So glad to see you Tent!

#2 - Posted on Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:55 pm
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@Luke wrote:So glad to see you Tent!  
Glad to see you too, buddy.

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Welcome to Ocean, Tent!

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Thank you, Mists!

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Welcome to Ocean's Forums, as you may know or may not know I am Bella or you can say Courtney from the DSGHQ and if you need help I would be glad to help you and don't be nervous to ask. If I do not respond I am extremely sorry but anyways I hope you have a Terrific time on Ocean Forums.

Have a Wonderful and Amazing day.

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